Facebook - Social Media MarketingThe Facebook team does it again.  They have started a major upgrade to their mobile version. There’s really no denying that Mark Zuckerberg , the CEO of Facebook is pretty good at what he does. Mobile usage will continue to boom over the next year and it is important to make the Facebook user experience as engaging as ever. This is the kind of stuff that makes Facebook so successful. Zuckerberg has an uncanny ability to stay one step ahead of the game in the Social Networking world.

Mr. Zuckerberg wants to keep his Facebook users happy and is astute enough to know mobile smart phones are the wave of today and the very near future.  Facebook has over  500 million users and 250 million of them are mobile users. What that tells me is that mobile smart phones along with social networking are what will define the Internet over the next few years. This is why Facebook is paying close attention to their mobile version(s) and trying their best to do what it takes to make their mobile applications as user friendly as possible. Facebook sees the future, they know people are using mobile devices for almost everything and Facebook wants to be at the forefront.

An interesting tid bit… six out of every ten people sleep with their mobile device next to them in their beds. Some may say it’s because they use it as an alarm clock but I think it’s because they’re hooked!


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