Facebook, the world’s most popular hacked social networking website, has made a couple of changes that will make it not only more secure, but will allow for one to track ones return on investment (ROI) on Ad Spend.

Last February, an article on “allFacebook” announced that a beta version of Ad Conversion Tracking was released to a small group of advertisers. This is critical as an advertiser would like to know which ads brought in the most return and which need to be paused or deleted.

Also, a recent article on TechCrunch has revealed that new “drastically simplified” yet improved Facebook privacy settings are expected to come out tomorrow. This is in response to a lot of backlash about Facebook’s privacy settings and therefore more reluctance to use it. Mark Zuckerberg himself has recently admitted that a “bunch of mistakes” were made, and that the improved service should show that Facebook cares more about users than originally perceived.

This can only mean more users being active on Facebook than ever before. From an Internet Marketing perspective, this is very important as placing Ads on Facebook can now provide more of an “oompf” to bringing more unique visitors to ones website, hence leading to more conversions and by extension more money made.

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