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Facebook has recently launched its two TV and outdoor advertising campaigns in Canada: Internet.org and the “Friends” campaign. While the Internet.org initiative aims to bring together technology leaders, nonprofit organizations and local communities to make the Internet affordable to everyone, the “Friends” campaign is an attempt of Facebook to appeal to younger demographics that are leaving the social media network.

First Steps Beyond Social Media

Over the past years, Facebook has been facing a strong competition from Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr while struggling to find the ways to appeal to millennials. Even though the number of Facebook users continues to grow, teens are leaving the social media network. The “Friends” campaign is an effort to capture younger demographics and portray the social media network as a place to connect and build friendships.

Internet.org is a partnership between the social media platform and several major mobile companies, including Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Opera Software. The ads show how people in the developing world can help their communities using the Internet and online resources: they can learn and create, share ideas and experiences, help others and make life better for people. Through the Internet.org app which is available in select countries including Zambia, India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia and Ghana, Internet.org provides free basic services from news, travel, local job search, sports to local government information, not to mention access to the social media network itself.

According to the Facebook State of Connectivity Report, the number of Internet users will reach 3 billion by early 2015 with one third of the online users on Facebook. Even though it will become a significant milestone for the global population and economy, only 40% have access to the Internet.

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Blurring Marketing Lines: Traditional Advertising Vs Online Marketing

Traditional advertising plays an integral part of the advertising strategy, and commonly complements what major brands like Netflix, GoDaddy and TripAdvisor do online. Not surprisingly, internet-based businesses rely both on online marketing as well as traditional advertising. According to the report from Cable Nation, 85% show a direct connection between TV spend and website traffic. With the launch of the Internet.org and the “Friends” campaigns, Facebook took its first steps beyond its own platform promoting the social media network and the initiative that could potentially appeal to wider audience. Canadian market has also become a testing ground for Facebook with the future plans to launch the campaigns in other countries.

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