irisemedia-facebook-gifsYour news feed will become more animated soon since Facebook now supports Graphics Interchange Format, better known as GIF.

Supporting animated GIF images on the social media platform came as quite the surprise. Before the update, Facebook was hesitant in introducing the animated change and tried to avoid GIFs as they would clutter up the News Feed.

‘’We built support for animated GIFs to help people express themselves in fun new ways on Facebook. Like many features that we release on Facebook, we want to ensure that this drives a great experience for people first before rolling it out more widely. While Pages cannot currently post GIFs, we are exploring ways to enable this in the future,’’ said Facebook in a statement.

How to Post a GIF on Facebook

To post an animated GIF to your profile, you need to copy and paste a link to a GIF in your Facebook Status Update. You can only post a GIF by using a link from an external website. Facebook doesn’t allow uploading GIFs from desktop or mobile devices. Examples of GIFs hosted on the external sites are: Giphy, Awesomegifs and Tumblr. You can also create your own animated GIF, by using Freegifmaker, and then upload it to a GIF hosted site, other than Facebook.

There are two aspects you should keep in mind with the new Facebook GIF feature:

  • The animated GIF link needs to have .gif at the end. For example, you can choose between 2 different link types on Giphy link and HTML5 Video. Copy the Giphy link and paste in the Facebook Status Update.
  • Facebook Business Pages cannot post GIFs yet. It is only available to personal profiles.

5 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

It is important to engage your fans on social networks. It helps create buzz and online exposure, makes your brand more visible to your target audience and increases brand awareness. The following are 5 powerful tips to help double social media engagement.

  1. Provide Value and Calls-to-Action
    Get your audience attention by asking a question or using a call to action; provide value by offering a special discount on social networks. Perhaps the greatest value of social media marketing is your ability to connect and engage with prospective customers and fans, and offer a free experience such as a product sample or free trial. Encourage positive brand discussions by offering giveaways and rewarding fans.
  2. Host an Event or Contest
    Create a buzz-worthy event or run a contest. This can be a conference, luncheon, customer appreciation day or a seminar hosted by your company. Contests are also an inexpensive and exciting way to grow and engage your online community. Be creative, set a goal and measure the results.
  3. Build Your Brand Personality
    Building a brand personality on social networks will help differentiate your brand from competition. Social media personal interactions will make your followers feel connected. Social media is also a great space to share pictures from various company’s events, birthday celebrations, conferences, etc. Create storytelling videos that will show your industry expertise and reflect culture.
  4. Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Another effective way to engage on social networks is by participating in a social cause or a local community event and promoting it on your social media channels. This will also help shape your company’s corporate social responsibility and present you as a good corporate establishment.
  5. Include Humor, Respond to- and Tag People
    Many brands are known for incorporating humor in social media marketing to improve engagement. Humor triggers emotional responses and is used as a form of communication. It is no wonder that viral memes and hashtags are popular on social media. You can also boost engagement by responding to your followers on social media by using a @mention sign in your posts. TIP: don’t tag people or pages that aren’t relevant to your post.

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