The most recent Facebook update announced on January 21, 2014 will likely change the way businesses and brands create and implement a social media marketing campaign. In this blog post, we will explain why.

The new Facebook algorithm allows its users to see more text-based status updates from their friends and more visual and engaging content from business Pages. This means that Page administrators should expect to see a decrease in the distribution of the text status updates and should expect an increase in the distribution of more visual, story-based news updates. Below is an example of a link-share type of the news updates:

Facebook Update

How The New Facebook Algorithm Will Change Your Social Media Strategy

Companies that have business Pages on this Social Media platform should focus on posting and sharing visually compelling content which is more likely to get more clicks, likes, comments and shares. They should also focus on understanding the type of content that will garner a higher level of engagement. It is also important to focus on posting relevant and inviting content as well as posting content that will promote interaction and engagement with its users.

Although Facebook is decreasing organic reach for business Pages, making it harder for brands to reach their target audience, it is still considered the #1 Social Media network that businesses use for advertising and promotion. Businesses and brands should be ready to pay for the reach and invest more time and money into community building and advertising.

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