Believe it or not, Google is losing its dominance in the world of search. Market researcher Statcounter recently revealed that Google’s share of traffic in U.S., with the exception of mobile devices, has declined to 75.3% in December 2014 from 77.5% in November 2014. The news comes after the Firefox browser dropped Google search and made Yahoo the default search engine.

Google is expected to see potentially larger losses, especially on mobile devices. Reports are abuzz about Apple wanting to drop Google as the default search engine on its Safari browser. Statcounter estimates that 54% of U.S. mobile traffic came from Safari in December, 2014, compared with 41% from Google Chrome.

Firefox Google

The deals is an opportunity for Yahoo and Bing to take big bite out of Google search engine share and perhaps even out the plane field. Unfortunately, it is too soon to tell whether this will happen or not. Google is not the only search engine to take a blow this past year. Microsoft took a hit twice – once when Apple and IBM announced the new partnership in the summer of 2014- second when Facebook decided to drop Bing as its default search engine on its social network.

What will be more interesting to see play out in the coming months is Facebook’s entrance into the search competition. Facebook has dominated social media marketing world and is an undisputed leader.  However, being a leader in one industry is not an indication that the leader will dominate the second one as well. Google is the perfect example. It’s the most widely used search engine in the world, but in the social media world it has not been able to achieve as much success.

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