I assume that every business owner is active on LinkedIn. If not, let me provide you with some fresh insight on the platform. Many times, LinkedIn is simply used as a way to stay in touch with your old/current colleagues or business partners. Some would argue that other social media platforms offer the same possibility but LinkedIn has a way of keeping the contact in a more professional light.

Before LinkedIn the common road was for people to attend business networking events to socialize and present themselves for a possible job opportunity or collaborating with other businesses. Even though this still happens today, LinkedIn just simplifies the process.

LinkedIn is the largest online business network with over 380 million business professionals registered as members. The professional platform should not be confused with other social media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These social media platforms have a more informal approach whereas LinkedIn is for professional use. LinkedIn members can use the platform for networking, job seeking, industry insights, recruiting and more. But, enough about LinkedIn’s value. Most people that know the platform well would attest to that. The real questions become, what is the value of LinkedIn for your business? Can LinkedIn be used to increase traffic to your website and generate leads? Keep reading to learn about how your business can benefit from advertising on LinkedIn.

2 Important Points on the Value of LinkedIn for your Business

For a lot of businesses advertising on LinkedIn is still a mystery. LinkedIn, being one of the most expensive social media platforms to advertise on is the main reason companies do not put in the effort to unravel the mystery. How to use advertising on LinkedIn depends on several things starting with what type of business you are running. There are certain businesses for which LinkedIn advertising tends to work best. These are B2B marketers (as opposed to B2C) and for recruiting purposes.

B2B marketers

Users on LinkedIn spend time reading and sharing blogs, company news, tips and industry insights. This makes delivering a message to the business audience much easier. Users are more likely to click on an offer made on LinkedIn than on any other social media platform. This is because they are more likely to trust information shared on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn has over 39 million students and graduates registered as members. This gives the platform its strength for being a successful recruiting portal. LinkedIn has relatively high “audience targeting” features which facilitates reaching the right demographic for your individual business needs. Users input the targeting data themselves, current job, experiences etc. This makes it easier to track focus on your target group. According to researchers LinkedIn profiles are more likely to be detailed and accurate than a resume. This makes it easy for recruiting agencies to use LinkedIn to find new talents. It also facilitates gaining B2B leads for what your business has to offer.

Final Thoughts | Using LinkedIn Advertising for Your Business

Advertising on LinkedIn does not work the same for every business. Pin down your business goals, strategy, target group and their needs. To get started, create a monthly posting strategy and promote your posts using LinkedIn advertising. Click on the Link below for a beginner course on using the LinkedIn advertising platform.
While advertising on LinkedIn tends to be relatively more expensive than other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the quality of the business lead it will generate is considerably superior. With a focused and consistent strategy the platform will provide you with effective online branding and high quality leads from the target audience your business is trying to reach.
If the LinkedIn advertising platform is new to you, please click on the below link which is an excellent step by step presentation on how to get started with LinkedIn ads:

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