get-simple-logo-screenWe recently came across across a unique, lightweight content management system (CMS) where all data is handled by XML files. This CMS is called Get-Simple.

Get-Simple is not as feature-rich or robust at CMSs like WordPress or Drupal, but it’s easy to set up, theme and edit. Get-Simple is relatively limited in features. However, it requires no MySQL database and is already looks like it has the basic array of materials for a CMS. It has a photo gallery, basic shopping cart, SEO plugin, custom SEO-friendly URLs, a WYSIWYG editor, an XML sitemap, a contact form, and more. It’s also very easy to theme from any HTML theme you choose. What’s more is that it loads very fast.

Get-Simple is strongly recommended for anyone looking for a simple 5-20 page site that has the “feel” of a static HTML site.

iRISEmedia has developers that specialize in Get-Simple if all you’re looking to do is to convert your existing static HTML site to modify your files.

Are there other XML-based CMSs out there? Absolutely, but we like this one.

Contact iRISEmedia today and we can provide a quote on building a site using Get-Simple CMS “from scratch,” or to convert  your static-HTML site so you can manage your content quickly and efficiently.

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