When drafting your social media plan for 2015, it can be useful to take an organized approach to make sure your goals are both terse and realistic. The “SMART” approach to goal setting introduced in Paul J. Meyer’s 2003 book Attitude is Everything can be easily applied to your social media activities. According to Meyer, SMART goals are:

smart goals


Goals should be specific and state exactly what it is that you want to accomplish. Make sure everyone involved agrees on what success looks like in meeting the goals.
• Who – Who will help me reach the goal(s)?
• What – What conversions and end goals am I seeking?
• When – When do I hope to reach the goals?
• Where – What social media platforms will help me reach the goals?
• Why – Why do I want to accomplish the goals?
• Which – Why aspects of the campaign will constraint me from achieving my goals.


Each social media activity should accomplish a quantifiable task that can easily be measured to ensure progress is being made.

Example of Measurable Goal: By the first quarter of 2015, I will increase our blog conversions by 10% to help us reach an incremental audience.


Goals should be achievable and set within a reasonable time frame. While there is no point in setting a goal that is impossible to reach, it makes sense to set one that will challenge you. It may also be a good idea to test the inventory of knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure that the goals you set are realistic. Make a plan of who does what and the amount of time it will require each individual to complete each task.


Goals should be relevant and consistent with other established goals, marketing initiatives, and timely for your business. As well, make sure you have the staff, resources, and tools to meet your goals.


A goal should be timely and include a “deadline” for reaching the goal. “I want to achieve 100,000 Twitter followers” is a hollow goal. “I want to have 100,000 Twitter followers by the end of the first quarter of 2015” is a more meaningful goal that is measurable and easy to track.

75% percent of entrepreneurs and C-Level executives use social media to boost sales and conversions. It’s time to start leveraging social to the fullest if you haven’t done so already. Consumer engagement with social platforms is one of the best ways to determine what your consumers are looking from companies in your industry.

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