xphone-130530Google is constantly looking for new opportunities to make changes and increase profit. One of the companies’ goals is to anticipate user’s needs by offering innovative products and features capable of building value for its image and branding. In retrospect, Google had more storage than any other email service when Gmail was launched and constant updates in Google Advertising have provided efficient ways to promote businesses virtually over the past few years.

Keeping in mind its innovative culture, Google Inc. has recently announced a new move that will impact more than new tools to optimize Google Advertising and Gmail.  A Smartphone aware of its environment which will be sold at a fair price was confirmed as Google’s new company product and is going to be produced by the Motorola Handset division bought by Google in May 2012.

The gadget, called Moto X, will go on sale later this year with a price below the IPhone 5. Anticipating how it will be used is one of the product’s main selling points highlighted by the head of the Internet Company’s Motorola subsidiary. The phone will be smart enough to know whether it is inside a car travelling or being taken out of a person’s pocket by using sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer. In other words, innovation seems to be a key competitive strategy for Google.

Besides investments in mobile technology, Google Advertising products like Google AdWords, Google Places and Google Analytics are part of Google’s plan to boost innovation. They frequently launch new features and versions that offer the innovative support that companies using Google Advertising need to improve their visibility in today’s world.

From mobile technology to Google Advertising solutions, Google has made partners and clients in diverse markets. Seeking to provide the best user experience and pioneering services, the company has adopted innovation as a strategy. If you also believe that innovation is vital for business, then you need a customized online marketing campaign.

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