Google came out with an email yesterday to all Google Analytics users that Google Analytics will be launching its’ new version soon. Among other things, the new version of Google Analytics will include:


  • A completely redesigned, faster interface.
  • Multiple dashboards—build a custom dashboard for each department.
  • Event Goals! Track your PDF downloads as goals with events, or configure 2 minutes play time on a video as a goal. Read Kayden’s great blog post on this feature.
  • More powerful custom reports—you can pre-filter reports and build additional data views.
  • New Term Cloud visualization.
  • Linking a new AdWords or AdSense account
  • In-Page Analytics
  • Migrating a custom report from the current Analytics version to the new version
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  • A redesigned Google Analytics platform to enable major new functionality
  • A streamlined interface to make it easier to get to the information you want
  • Improved report performance for faster reports
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