Earlier today, Google announced on Chrome’s blog that it’s Chrome browser has now been released for Macintosh and Linux Operating Systems. This is great as it allows computer users of all kinds to enjoy the worlds fastest GUI browser.

According to the blog article, the new browser supports HTML 5 features like “Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop.” To sample the power of HTML 5, the following websites/web features are currently utilizing it: scribd.com, GMail’s dragging and dropping attachments feature, and Google Maps’ geolocation functionality. Chrome’s bookmark manager was also given a facelift with HTML5.

The current technical limitation with it is that it, as of this writing, doesn’t support Adobe Flash integration. This will be featured soon.

Due to Chrome’s rising popularity, coupled with Firefox 4‘s eventual supporting of HTML 5, requires current web developers to rethink how to create and maintain websites with HTML 5 and CSS3 features. From a Search Marketing perspective, this is critical in terms of how new websites need to be created in order to maximize the amount of potential visitors converting into buyers.

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