Google Mobile’s blog announced a new release for the iPhone: an App that allows for Push notifications on Gmail.

Push notifications are a handy tool as, compared to “pull” where someone essentially downloads, or “pulls” data from an email server, “push” places data on an existing server. With “push,” everything is synchronized and the server is updated real-time when one makes updates to a phone, whether it’s adding a contact, sending an email or creating a new calendar event.

This nifty feature has been very popular with the Blackberry. When someone would purchase a Blackberry phone, one could then set an email server on Blackberry’s servers, and even create a blackberry email address. This would require no wait time in downloading whatsoever, and therefore has been a very popular business solution for real-time emails and calendar updates.

This app by Google essentially allows one to perform the same functions with Gmail. Since most of the iPhone’s clientele are people in their teens and twenties that use Gmail for their personal emails, this app with the iPhone has is an ideal combination.

This app can be had by typing in “Google Mobile App.”

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