If you’re planning to hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency or professional to optimize your website, the first question you will likely ask them will be “Can you make my site rank #1 on Google ?” And if you are an SEO professional this is probably the question you get asked the most. The quick answer to this question is that you most certainly can make a site reach the #1 position on Google using proper SEO techniques. However, beware of any SEO firm that guarantees you this #1 position. No matter what type of SEO expert you are,  guaranteeing SEO rankings is a no-no in the industry. This is clearly expressed directly from the source.  Matt Cutts, from Google, states that “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.”

What Matt Cutts Said in Response to “Can You Make My Site #1 On Google?”

The exact words of Matt Cutts are: “There are a number of factors that come into play, such as how competitive the keywords are that you’re looking to rank for, the quantity and/or quality of links pointing to your site versus the competition you have to outrank, and much, much more. In the end, though, rankings just can’t be guaranteed (and they shouldn’t be — even if the SEO you’re looking to hire does guarantee it and possesses the skills to get the job done in a completely ethical manner).”

The bottom line is that you can’t guarantee something that is based on a third party’s discretion. Therefore, always be careful when planning to hire SEO professionals, agencies or firms that claim to guarantee rankings and allege a “special relationship” with Google. Sometimes they even advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no such thing as a “priority submit” for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through their Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap which you can do yourself at no cost whatsoever.

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