Google to Display Tweets on Desktop Google SERPs

Google to Display Tweets on Desktop Google SERPs

The Digital Marketing deal of the year between Google and Twitter to bring more tweets into organic search is finally delivering on its promise.

On Friday, August 21, 2015, Google officially announced that they have expanded the display of Twitter content – tweets – in Google desktop SERPS. Google has already been showcasing Latest Tweets in mobile search results since May, 2015. The feature will be available to all users using the search engine in English globally.

twitter desktop carrousel

Google shows Danny Sullivan’s Tweets in carousel format in the main column of the organic search results.

Previously, Google had to crawl Twitter for the information in the same manner it does many other sites, but the volume of information made this process difficult and ineffective for both the social media giant and SEO leader.

Is Google Paying For the Tweets?

This has not yet been determined. If it is, the percentage of costs being transferred to the social media platform is miniscule, given that Twitter itself is coming to Google and wanting more visibility in organic result. Just last year, Twitter made a change to improve its ability for Google to gather more content, which led them to get a 10x increase in interested new parties.

Will Twitter Get Special Treatment In SEO?

If you mean will tweets magically beat other type of content, we strongly believe the answer to be no. While Google itself isn’t answering questions about the deal, it would be difficult for it to promise better rankings without doing some sort of public announcement.

Twitter is relying on newer deals like its agreement with Google to effectively extend its reach. It hopes the tweets non-Twitter users see in search results will compel them to sign up for accounts with the social media platform.

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