“What is a day in the life of a search spam team member like? What is the evolution of decisions in terms of how they decide which aspects of the search algorithm to update? Will certain things within the algorithm never be considered for removal?” Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts explains how Google spam fighters team works to improve search results.

Google’s Web spam team includes both engineers who write algorithms to fight web spam and manual spam fighters who focus on reactive spam fighting. When Google receives a spam report showing that someone is spamming Google search results, it takes a proactive approach in making sure that spammers are not infesting search results. Google specialists are able to figure out the trends and patterns, why certain websites are ranked so high, what is the loophole that they are exploiting. Google’s team then tries to identify where the root of the problem is and fix it. Both teams work together closely to improve search results. When the team of manual spam fighters identifies the problem, they ask engineers to improve the algorithm. Engineers focus on finding out how to stop a particular type of spam. For example, Penguin is very good at one or several types of spam but it doesn’t tackle all other types of spam and black hat practices.

Another important point is that there are many types of spam that continuously arise. Therefore, Google is always reviewing the algorithm to see if it’s still effective and necessary. As Matt Cutts noted, web spam is very dynamic. Google accordingly modifies its algorithm continuously. Therefore, companies should carefully review and implement their SEO as a part of the internet marketing strategy as well as stay on the top of Google SEO changes.

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