The Groupon Daily Deal industry has taken the world by storm. As a result, it seems like everyone wants to be in the industry and leverage this relatively new business model.

Some people want a website up quickly and leverage pre-hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions where the company takes a percentage of each sale. Normally the percentages taken from these “rental services” are 4%-10% per transaction, which can get fairly pricy after a while.

Also, while there might be many neat features with a pre-hosted solution, the provider “owns” your code and personalized data. There should always be reluctance and caution when divulging sensitive client information to a third party. Also, what happens if the software provider decides to “close up shop” the next day, at the expense of the clients being hosted? Do you as a client really want to be put into such a situation?

This is why I am a big believer in owning your own code and data. Not only does this protect ones data, but the code is customizable and there is no need to rely on an outside service in the event the service “goes down” one day.

After researching numerous software solutions, I have found that there are several effective and quality Daily Deal/ Groupon Clone softwares on the market. They usually involve a Magento community (and are base off-shore) shopping cart or a series of WordPress Plugins.

While the Magento based solutions are more difficult to install and set up, the multitude of payment processors and “shopping cart-first: mindset is attractive since the main focus is on the bottom-line: having transactions go through successfully and making money. The advantage to WordPress’ solution is that most offerings are in North America, which means that, while modifications are expensive, one doesn’t need to endure the sometimes difficult off-shore experience that the Magento based softwares provide.

In either case, while purchasing the script is simple to do, installing, configuring and designing can be a painful process. As the owner of RJH Solutions and Director of Technology at, I have received numerous thank-you’s and website build requests for Groupon Clones. While I personally have done so for a couple of clients (namely and, from my personal experience, there is no question that it can be A LOT of work that can take as long as 2-3 months to build, design and configure the software installation and have a properly functioning daily deal website.

If forced to choose either solution, I would choose the WordPress plug in solution. The Word Press solution is faster to set up and install. It also comes with a multitude of features that include reporting and coupon layout. Again, keep in mind that time in design and configuration needs to be accounted for.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to start a Daily Deal website there are off the shelf solutions out there. However, you would be best served in hiring a professional or at the very least having one to consult with throughout the process. RJH Solutions has teamed up with iRISEmedia to bring you the required resources to set up a Groupon Clone website in as painless and stress-free a manner as possible.

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