Groupon, the online coupon giant based in Chicago who reportedly rejected a $6 billion USD offer from Google several weeks ago, has just bought Grouper, an Israeli company, for an estimated $15 million USD. This is impressive since the initial investment of the business was in the tens of thousands of Sheqels, provided by Grouper’s 3 founders: Dori Hilleli, Dotan Stav and Yuval Karjevski.

The three founders are each expected to earn $4 million each, while Ido Pollak, CEO of the New Media division at RGE Group, may get $1-2 million. Still, that’s no small change.

Grouper founders Ido Pollak, Dotan Stav, Yuval Karjevski and Dori Hilleli (Photo: Adi and Eyal from YNetNews)

The online coupon business is expanding at an exponential rate since Groupon’s inception in 2008. Grouper in comparison was founded in Israel in March 2010, less than a year ago, and registered as a company in July 2010. It has since become Israel’s largest online coupon provider, selling more than 150,000 coupons and amounting to NIS 2 million annually (approximately $565,000 USD).

Grouper operates from Moshav Batzra in the Sharon region and, save for Ido Pollack, has no external investors.

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