It has been a rough year so far for small businesses. The shutdowns have decimated shopping and income levels. Not only that, but it is tough for a brick-and-mortar business to establish an online presence within such a limited time frame.

To ensure their businesses’ survival, many owners and operators are creating a more massive online presence, and you can do so too. Digital marketing agencies can help you gain an online following, increase online orders, and help ensure your business will continue to thrive even after the pandemic is over.

There are three essential digital marketing services that every business owner and operator needs to research. Even investing in just one of the services below will positively affect your business, especially if you partner with the right digital marketing agency for you and your goals.

The three essential digital marketing services you need

These three services will help your business come out on top, just like before the pandemic. Transitioning online is essential because no one knows precisely how long the pandemic will last, what new government restrictions will be enforced based on covid-19 infection rates, and how society will adapt to this new viral threat.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the new celebrities. These are individuals who have an online presence and work with businesses to promote products in exchange for cash, products, or services. A shoutout from a major influencer like a Kardashian can lead to businesses running out of stock due to all the new orders placed by Kardashian fans and their own online followings.

Influencer marketing is like word of mouth but on a much larger and more streamlined scale. Influencers promote to their massive audiences on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.

Why Do I Need a Marketing Agency to Help with Influencer Marketing?

Well, anyone can call themselves an influencer. It would be best if you had an agency to sort those who are legitimate influencers from those who are not, and which influencers you can afford. Pairing up with the right influencer will lead to increases in sales and online followings. Pairing up with the wrong influencer will only result in lost money and products.

With continuous influencer monitoring, continuous competition monitoring, and data and analytics sub-specialties, you can increase your influencer marketing success.

Influencer Industry expected market worth by 2020

According to mediakix, the global spend in influencer marketing will range between 5$ – 10$ billion by 2020

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines want your business to rank well. The higher your business ranks, and the more visits you receive from users of their search engine, the more you and the search engine get paid.

Search engine optimization helps your online ranking by increasing the chances of connecting with your target demographics and customer profiles online. Doing so will lead to increased sales and online followings.

Optimizing your search results takes time. You need a digital marketing agency that can provide reputable results. In online marketing, like in offline marketing, reputation and visibility can make or break a business.

If potential customers do not see your business, they will not shop with you.

Good digital marketing agencies will provide long-term solutions, increased online traffic, trackable results, better conversion rates, better search rankings, and increased brand awareness.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing can make the difference between following your competitors and leading ahead of them. You need the right content to match with the right demographics. Content is the last leg of the race.

Your prospective customers have seen you online and visited your website. Now, you need to make them stay and purchase an item or service. Content is how you do this.

You need to create and distribute content on the right social media and web platforms to the right people. Only a professional digital marketing agency can help you with years of knowledge and experience specialized in assisting industries and companies just like yours.

With sub-services like content creation, content planning, and distribution, and data and analytics, you can rest assured that your content marketing efforts will be successful, and so will your business.

Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto | iRISEMedia

Digital marketing is a tough business. You need an agency that looks out for you, especially during a pandemic, when you cannot afford to make the mistake of aligning with the wrong agency.

iRISEMedia can help you develop an online presence, even during a pandemic and government shutdown. We offer influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing that can help you increase sales, increase your customer base, and keep your business open during the pandemic. Contact us to learn more today.

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