Homer Simpson Ice Bucket Challenge


After sweeping the globe, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has now reached Springfield. Watch as the town’s key citizen Homer Simpson participates in the challenge. Who does he nominate? What is his reaction? How much does he donate? Click play to find out!



Quick Facts about the Challenge

– YouTube cites about 2,330,000 videos related to Ice Bucket Challenge. If each video was approximately 60 seconds long, you would finish watching the videos in November of 2018.

– Over 2.4 million videos related to the challenge have been shared on Facebook.

– Over 50 political figures have participated.

– Over 200 notable actors and actresses have participated.

– Over 200 athletes have participated.

– Over 220 musicians have participated.

– As of August 26, 2014: $88.8 million has been raised to find a cure for ALS.

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