How A Social Media Marketing Strategy Helps Your Business To Be First On Google

How A Social Media Marketing Strategy Helps Your Business To Be First On Google

twitter-shoutboxWhen customers want to learn more about a brand, they are more likely to search it on Google or other search engines. Therefore, it is important to be first on Google. Your website, Facebook business profile, and other web properties your company may run will help grow your customer base. People follow brands on Facebook in order to get access to product discounts and special deals, news and customer support. However, a recent study on social media marketing strategy showed that brands should be looking for prospective customers not only on Facebook, but also consider other social media channels.

According to the latest research into the use of Social Media channels  conducted by Pew Research, teenagers are showing less  enthusiasm for Facebook.  The new report shows that teens are not happy with their social media experience due to the growing presence of adults, social “drama”, and stress of managing their privacy settings and reputation on Facebook. The report finds that over 70 percent of teenagers are Facebook friends with their parents; 30 percent are Facebook friends with their teachers and tutors. Teen social media users expressed a high level of concern about an extensive level of sharing photos by their friends. Some respondents admitted that they have asked their friends to take down some embarrassing or inappropriate photos which they didn’t want to be shown online. As a result, teens are more likely to use other social media sites including Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram where they can have better online experience.

Even though Facebook is the world’s largest social network, social media industry is radically changing all the time with new social media leaders emerging in the industry. Because online users, including teenagers and young professionals are more likely to be early adopters of emerging social media sites, it is important that businesses follow the stream and build a strong social media marketing strategy. Not to mention the fact that social media sites are known to be first on Google.

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