You’ve decided to launch a company blog, and you’re now on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.  But what is the purpose of starting blog?  Why are you tweeting, retweeting and favoriting on Twitter? Why are you sharing news on your Facebook page in 80 characters or less?  Is it because you’ve done your homework and know that these tools are the best way to connect with consumers who are looking for your services?  Or is it because you keep hearing all the excitement and buzz about blogging and social media marketing, and have decided it’s time to just ‘do something’ too?

We see many companies feeling the need to ‘do something’, but often they pick the wrong social media tools to meet their company’s goals.   In order to better assist you in determining the appropriate venue for your social media marketing campaigns, our strategists at iRISEmedia will assess your current company and industry environment, and recommends a future course of action.  We look at everything from your existing resources to your business strategy, and to how your current and potential customers are communicating online.  Based on our analysis, we then provide you with an audit of your ability to use social media as a digital marketing strategy, and propose the social media/content marketing strategies that your company should adopt, from here on out.

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Here’s what a typical Social Media Audit includes:

  • An analysis of the social media campaigns of 3 of your direct competitors to see what is and is not working for them.
  • An analysis of your company’s existing social media campaigns including your strategy for using social media, who your customers are, and how well the tools you are using are helping you attain your goals.
  • Recommendation of other content marketing strategies to complement your social media efforts.  .
  • Recommendations on how to build engagement and interaction with customers using paid advertising, blogging, email marketing etc.
  • Detailed analysis of how to measure your results, such as which metrics to use for tracking, an explanation of why you should be tracking them, which calls to action you should be including etc.


Who should do a social media audit?

Companies that:

  • Are new to social media marketing,
  • Are unorganized and uncoordinated in their social media marketing efforts
  • Have matured in their social media marketing and need to jump ahead a few steps


About iRISEmedia: is a web design, social media marketing, and search engine marketing (SEM) firm in Toronto, Canada. Our team helps clients increase their reach and profitability by developing and implementing customized and targeted online and social media marketing strategies. We service clients in Toronto, Ontario, the GTA and throughout Canada as well as globally.

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