iRISEmedia is a Toronto based digital marketing agency that aims to help companies get the most out of their digital and social marketing space. We achieve this through education, creativity, strategic planning, leadership and innovative implementation. We are extremely customer-oriented and view every stakeholder as a partner. We involve each client at every stage of the campaign, from the design phase all the way to the implementation & management phase.

Over the past 13 years, iRISEmedia has completed dozens of campaigns for companies of all sizes and industries. The Royal Canadian Family Circus (“RCFC”) is one of them. iRISEmedia was able to create a successful campaign by keeping the client involved throughout the campaign, understanding their business, the objectives and the requirements. Reports were constantly made of the campaigns data results and there was constant consultation with the client to make new future decisions or to adjust the tactics approach. We then combined strategic planning and detailed execution to ensure the data results matched the client’s objectives.

Following is a detailed description of how iRISEmedia was able to create a successful campaign for the Royal Canadian Family Circus.

About the Client

The Royal Canadian Family Circus has been providing fun activities and entertainment that can be shared by the entire family for the last 50 years. The Royal Canadian Family Circus is about giving children and adults a glimpse into a traditional world where “10th generation circus families are performing for your families”, and where everyone can enjoy a truly affordable show.

The Digital Marketing Challenge

Before March 2014 The Royal Canadian Family Circus was managing all their digital marketing initiatives themselves. They were also selling 90% of their tickets to shows at the door. Their main objective was to achieve a majority of advanced ecommerce ticket sales through their website. After several false starts, the RCFC didn’t see a lot of improving efforts from their digital marketing techniques. This is when The RCFC reached out to iRISEmedia.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

After some evaluation, iRISEmedia believed that the following digital marketing tactics would meet the Royal Canadian Family Circus’ main goals:

  • Use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as the main social media platforms.
  • iRISEmedia created a brand awareness campaign and informed existing and new Facebook and Twitter fans of upcoming shows.
  • iRISEmedia promoted events and generated ticket sales through a targeted Social Media campaign using contests, promotions and Facebook advertising.
  • Monitored and responded to all Social Media inquiries with a quick turn-around and addressed customer service issues generated on Social Media channels.

Results | From 2014-2017

As a result of iRISEmedia’s digital marketing campaign efforts, the website sessions of The RCFC rose steadily from 2013 to 2017. Due to the growing community on social media, the website of The Royal Canadian Family Circus gained more traffic which resulted in over 40% in ticket sales growth combined with 300% growth in online ticket sales. With all the social media followers combined, The RCFC now has a total of over 30,000 Facebook and Twitter followers compared to 300 followers in 2014. The Royal Canadian Family Circus was so pleased with the initial success of the campaign in 2014/2015 and iRISEmedia’s work that they decided to continue working with iRISEmedia as their digital marketing agency and increased their Digital PR, SEO, and social media budgets for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Circus seasons. The campaign continues for the 2018 season as well.

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