Since 2003, LinkedIn has been a valuable resource for job seekers and business professionals. Over 500 million professionals are using it to network, obtain resources and support, find jobs, and to build relationships with prospective customers, clients, and partners. The site boasts members from just about every country and every industry. In fact, many Fortune 500 executives are on LinkedIn.

Unlike other social media platforms in which you become “friends” with anyone and do not think much about with whom you share information with, LinkedIn is about building strategic relationships. The number of connections is less significant than the type of connections you make. In fact, LinkedIn will not show your actual number of connections once you hit 500. It is all about quality, not quantity.

What is special about LinkedIn is that it is the No.1 channel for B2B marketers to distribute quality content. In fact, 50% of all social referral traffic to B2B websites and blogs comes from LinkedIn, if not more. If your business is B2B and is not effectively using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, there is no time like the present to start. Just like any other decision you make in life, you want to be strategic and skillful in how you use LinkedIn.

Our social media marketing company in Toronto has compiled the following resource on LinkedIn marketing to assist you with drawing people to your business and ultimately generating qualified leads and increase revenue.

How to Use LinkedIn | Social Media Marketing | Toronto

LinkedIn is a unique platform and works differently from other social networks. However, learning how to use LinkedIn is not much more different than learning how to use any other social media platform, such as Facebook. It all begins with the simple task of creating a personal/company LinkedIn account and profile.

However, networking on LinkedIn is a different story and is not as easy as many professionals make it out to be. You will not find users posting dog videos or pictures of what they ate for dinner. That is because LinkedIn is a site for professionals, so everything is geared toward careers and business. As you build your profile and seek out connections, endorsements, and recommendations, you will want to be viewed as professional.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for SEO | Internet Marketing

Leads do not just show up onto your doorstep. You must work for them. Think of your company page on LinkedIn as a channel for driving leads to your website’s major landing pages. Rather than simply describing what your business does and what products/services it offers, create an inspiring pitch that speaks directly to your consumers. Remember that the most important part of your content is the first 150 characters (including spaces). That is all LinkedIn will display before users see or click on the “see more” button.

In terms of SEO, the company page that you create on LinkedIn can be a powerful tool if it is well optimized. Google will only feature 150 characters of your company overview description in their search results. It is thereby crucial that your most important keywords are featured in this synopsis. Putting these targeted keywords front and center will increase your conversion and lead generation on LinkedIn.

Another very important tip to remember when optimizing your LinkedIn company page for SEO is to make sure your profile is complete. Fill out every single field that you possibly can, and do so using your SEO targeted keywords. The more copy you write, the more searches you will be relevant for. Just make sure that you do not go overboard (e.g., write an essay) and stuff your profile with too many keywords. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it has a tool to help you fill out the various sections and they provide helpful suggestions to ensure success.

How to Generate Leads via Life Tab | Social Media Marketing | Toronto & the GTA

Last year, LinkedIn added a new feature to company pages called the Life Tab. The Life Tab empowers you to show your followers and fans who you really are – beyond the products and services you offer. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes look at your company’s culture. You can use the Life tab to highlight activities that your employees participate in, charity work that you have done in your community, and even the hobbies that your team boasts. This is also a place where you can feature Employee Perspectives — sharing content that team members have published on LinkedIn — and employee testimonials. Having this tab on your company profile will make your brand human and more appealing to consumers through emotions, which in turn can help you generate quality leads.

How to Generate Leads through Advanced Search | Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn advanced search is a faceted search feature that can help LinkedIn users narrow down your search criteria with ease. It helps you filter potential audiences/customers by location, industry, current company, past company, profile language, school, and nonprofit interests. What differentiates this tool from the regular search tool is its ability to allow you to continue using filters in future queries without having to restart your initial search. This helps you easily see how the applied filters affect your initial search, affording you with results that are focused and actionable. As a result, you can gain very useful insight into a certain group that might be a good choice for prospecting.

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