We are all used to the idea of Google automatically being on our mobile devices. But how does this sound; Google in our cars, house and TV? Google is working on some incredible new innovations that will change the future of marketing in various ways. iRISEmedia researched these new innovations and the effect they will have on internet marketing as we know it.

From Smartphone to Smart TV

Android TV is here to make us forget about the previous attempts by Google of entering the smart TV market. Android TV allows users to watch television shows, live videos, browse the internet and use Android apps on their TV screen. Although smart televisions aren’t a new phenomenon, Android TV is unique because of its cohesive user experience which is somewhere between a smartphone and a TV.


What is the relation between the Android TV and digital marketing you might wonder? T-commerce or television-commerce is presenting new opportunities for advertisers. While the smart TV is still relatively new, it is highly likely to be adopted as a common product/service over the next few years, just like smartphones. This will only further increase the significance of t-commerce. It provides us with an opportunity for interactive and engaging advertising. Moreover, it can collect user data to further craft and customize the marketing to the target market.

Google Will Take You for A Drive

Another item that you may not expect from a tech company is the Google Self-Driving Car Project. This is another well-known innovation spearheaded by Google. Albeit not exclusive to Google as car manufacturers are also heavily experimenting with self-driving cars. Still, it is a bold step for a tech company to attempt to enter the car market. You can learn more about Google’s self-driving car project at this link on their website.


While the autonomous cars are still being further developed, we can already see some of them in various cities in the USA and Europe. Autonomous vehicles (AV’s) use software, radars and lasers to sense objects and obstacles on the road. It might sound a bit weird, and dangerous, especially considering the fact we have been the ones in control since the early 1900’s. Some features like adaptive cruise control, Auto Pilot and City Safety can be found on our cars right now which will gradually help us get used to the fact that we can sit back, relax and wait till we have arrived at our destination in our AV. The reason for this innovation is quite simple; it saves lives. Around 90% of the accidents are caused by human failure. Motor vehicle accidents can be drastically reduced if you eliminate the human error factor. There still is a long way to go before we will be passengers in our own car. However, by 2040 (or probably sooner) the AV is expected to make its way into your driveways.

So how does this relate to online marketing? Quite simply, mobile devices are here to stay and will only be further integrated into our lives as we move into the future. When the AV is available for the general public, we’ll be able to set our preffered destination from our phone. You can compare it with using your phone as a navigation system or using it to send destinations to an external navigation device. It will be even more critical to have good online presence to attract customers. When someone is Googling an address of a restaurant for example, it is crucial for your website to appear high in the search results. You can achieve this by mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), being active on all relevant Social Media platforms and registering to high quality online business directories. Build an excellent online reputation by following the steps in this article and you’ll be more prepared for the future.

Google Home, At Your Service

It looks like a small portable speaker, but it’s much more than that, Google Home can do the following:
• Play music
• Ask Google
• Manage everyday tasks


It might not sound like a life-changing device, but wait until we get into further details. With Google Home, users have full control over their playlists and can even select in which room the music will be played. You can connect a multiple speaker system to the device for as long as they are wireless or are connected to Chromecast. Furthermore, users will be able to ask Google random questions. Do you want to know when the next Blue Jays game is coming up; just ask “Google when is the next Blue Jays game”. It functions as a two way dialogue which can be operated from anywhere in the room. Google Home also acts as your personal assistant and allows users to schedule lunch or book tickets to an event, for example. Interested? You can subscribe at Google’s website for more information or watch this video about Google Home.

Bear in mind that these features are only the beginning of what’s possible. So how will online marketing be involved this time? To begin with, user data will sketch consumer profiles and offer a better targeted audience. Also, SEO comes into the picture again. Since the Google Home device is operated by voice, Google will most likely display only the top search results. Once again your online reputation is the key to success.

Targeted marketing and online reputation seem to be an important factor here. In a future where our mobile devices become one with our lives your company will need to be in the top results of Google search queries. . Are you ready to participate in the world of online marketing?

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