mobile marketingOnline advertising is an industry that has changed the way people promote businesses and services. Hitting $910.8 million in expenditure for the first quarter of 2013, its increasing growth creates numerous opportunities for those who want to get in on the benefits of online exposure.

One of the primary roles in the world of online advertising is currently played by Smartphones. Users have made this technology an extension of their desktop computers, creating a need for local and global companies to highlight mobile marketing when developing an online advertising strategy.

Canada’s Mobile Marketing grew by 10 per cent in 2012, hitting more than 22 million users in a market dominated by Google, Facebook and other online communities. The Canadian Smartphone market is led by Google Android (40%), followed by Apple (35%) and BlackBerry (20 per cent). This new technology is just taking over the national scene and changing the way people work and businesses compete around the world.

If you are seeking to grab more attention and increase your profitability, Mobile Marketing should clearly be included in your online advertising strategy given the fact that its audience is large and its cost and competition are very small compared to other forms of internet advertising. This means more opportunities for your online advertising strategy and additional opportunities for your services.

Its greater reach makes Mobile Marketing different from regular internet advertising. However, any online advertising strategy planned to be launched over the web can now be extended to mobile phones given the exponential growth of Smartphones. Their advanced features are making marketers’ lives easier and campaigns stronger.

If your online advertising strategy aims to reach customers on the go, search for an effective way to interact with them and get instant results at a low cost. A Mobile Marketing campaign will not only help you with that, but also provide you with a chance to track user responses, offer mobile payments options and get the benefits of a niche that is currently not highly concentrated.

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