facebook-signFacebook has changed the News Feed algorithm that will increase audience reach and help brands get greater exposure on this Social Media network. This new feature makes it possible for brand pages to tag other pages in a post, so this post will be shown to the fans of both pages.

This feature already works with updates from friends. If you tag a friend in a photo, his or her friends can see this photo in their News Feed, even if you are not connected to them.  Facebook says that the company received a positive feedback after testing this feature with the users. The new algorithm update takes into account whether users are interacting with the post from a page (like, comment, share and click) and which posts are most engaging. It then determines if the post is relevant enough in order to appear in the News Feed of fans of both pages (the page that tags another page and the tagged page).

These types of the Social Media Marketing updates are being introduced to help users find relevant content. It means you will see posts from the pages you do not follow, through those that you do.  If, for example, you are following a celebrity page on Facebook and this celebrity page is tagged in a photo by a page you are not following, this post will be shown in your News Feed.

From a Social Media and Internet Marketing perspective, this update will enable brands to increase their reach and attract new fans which will inevitably help improve Social Media Marketing results.

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