Premier Clark’s son Hamish’s reputation blooper would have gone unnoticed 20 years ago.

It’s not every day you meet the British Royal family and it’s not hard to imagine someone being nervous. That’s exactly what happened to the British Columbia’s Premier Christy Clark’s 16-year-old son, Hamish. What was supposed to be an airport meet and greet spun into an online Twitter roast turned rant. Little Prince George didn’t go unnoticed as well; he was a tad standoffish when he left Prime Minister Trudeau hanging on a high five.

So, What Happened on Twitter?

Hamish was criticized for his behavior around the Royals. When greeting the Royal family he kept his hands in his pocket the majority of the time. Apparently, that was enough to set off a storm on social media. And, if there’s one social media platform where people aren’t afraid to cast their opinions, it’s Twitter. Various people Tweeted how uninterested he was and Premier Clark should have taught him proper etiquette before meeting Royalty.


In an interview with Global News, Hamish opened up about the Tweets and how he felt. He said, “social media was mad at me for it, I felt really bad”. Others were more forgiving and stood up for the teenager.



The interesting thing is it’s unlikely we would have heard about this 20 years ago. It likely wouldn’t have made the news and social media didn’t even exist back then. But if it did we may have done the same thing. Social media allows us to convey what we are thinking publicly without the face to face confrontation. When people do this they feel safe to simply express what’s on their mind. What is important to mention is our society hides behind our computers and this enables our indecency filter to switch off and social media is the catalyst. People are bashing each other as well as bashing companies. If someone has a bad experience they’re not afraid to let all their 500 ”friends“ or ”followers” know. One or two really bad comments can have a tremendous effect on someone’s self-esteem, leaving lasting repercussions.
The same can be said for a company’s online reputation. Social media acts as a magnifying glass and is a breeding ground for brand awareness… positive and negative. A brand aims to create unity in its image; however social media allows a multiplicity of brand images to exist. Therefore online reputation management should always have your full attention.

How to Enhance Your Brand’s Exposure on Social Media

Beside the fact that social media can be a threat to your online reputation, it also has the advantage of generating exposure at a relatively low investment. here are 4 steps to enhance your brand’s exposure on social media;

1. Create Valuable Content
There are multiple aspects to creating valuable content. Informative, funny, engaging, or inspiring content is worth sharing. Considering each social media user has an average of 338 friend’s underlines the potential exposure is vast. Great content reflects positively on your brand. Social media pages and posts are a reflection of your brand image and should stand up to that in order to create unity. Finally, engaging content ranks higher in search results due to time on site, shares and likes.

2. Interact with your Prospects and Clients
The great thing about this is unlike traditional media once you share high quality content you will be able to interact with whomever responds. At the same time it will be more engaging and invites other users to join the conversation.

3. Create Different Business Pages with Local Content
Fill the different Facebook Business Pages with relevant local content. For example Coke Cola has different Facebook pages for the US, Canada and Germany. This will improve search rankings in those specific localities.

4. Target Mobile Social Media Users
With the amount of mobile users growing each year, creating mobile marketing strategies is very relevant. Only with a targeted mobile marketing campaign will you appear on your prospects’ news feed.

Online Reputation Management Tips to Survive

The two way interaction is both advantageous as well as being a potential threat to your brand. If there is a treat; an online reputation management strategy would be essential and could make or break your business. Whenever you face criticism, like Hamish did, the key is to have a plan of action. So what could Hamish have done? When faced with negative comments you must respond quickly. If you leave things as they are, it could spread like a wildfire. As innocent as the incident was, it still reflects on the Premier and her son. This did blow up and there is a possibility Premier Christy Clark did do damage control, which resulted in the Global News interview. By appearing on Global News, it was index (ranked) on Google immediately and now when you Google “Hamish Marissen Clark” the news interview is on the first page of Google. Also, on Google there are no longer any images with Hamish’s hands in his pockets. Online reputation management is all about pushing the negative results on Google and other major search engines down to make room for the things you want everyone to see. Even when you can’t fully control what is being said about you or your brand, it is important to know there are proven strategies to manage your online presence. If you implement the ideas outlined in the following article, correctly and consistently you will be rewarded with an impeccable online reputation.

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