Social Media Marketing is still a new phenomenon – new enough that many C-Level executives wonder what impact it will have on its business. Is it worth it to have a Facebook page or a Twitter and Google+ account? Or conversely, is it wise not to make the jump, and wait until there’s greater clarity on where the social is headed?

We have a one word answer to your questions – JUMP!

I am not basing this answer on some inferences. The conclusion is based on valuable data and the success rate of executives who’ve made that jump. A recent MIT social business report suggested that 67% of c-level executives in the U.S. thought that social media had the opportunity to fundamental change the way they do their business. Those numbers were greater for companies that derived greater business value from these technologies.

Executives who understand the importance of social media marketing and how to market effectively will find themselves reaping the benefits if they have not done so already.  So, what exactly are these advantages that successful social media marketing campaigns can provide?

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  • Increase in communication: Social media marketing is very similar to traditional advertising campaigns in that the message is sent from the business to the audience. There is, however, one major difference between the two: in social media marketing, you don’t just speak to customers, but customers speak to you. This creates a two-way dialogue that enhances communication efforts in business. Not something that you are able to do through traditional means!
  • Improve Customer Service: Because you’ve just opened up a two way dialogue, you can now use social media marketing to be more alert of your audience’s problems and needs. Many consumers today prefer to interact with businesses over the internet, rather than calling in or going to the physical store. By adapting and responding to concerns online through instant messaging, direct messages, tweeting, emails, consumers will appreciate the extra effort you’ve taken to resolve their matter. As a result, they will also appreciate the improvement in your customer service.
  • Prospecting Opportunities: With increased communication and enhanced customer service offerings comes relationship building. Relationships with consumers develop much quicker when a business shows care, affection, and professionalism to its consumers. Consumers want t feel that they are important to your business and are not just some nameless face in the consumer crow. One way to do that is to great them by their first name. As well, remember their previous orders and reminding them of promotions both online and instore.

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