Celebrities, they’re just like us! They tweet about their first world problems and use the internet as a first resort when in the market for something. The only difference, is when a celebrity has a problem, the entire world is willing to do anything to help them. On September 21, model Chrissy Teigen tweeted out that she wanted to bake a banana bread but lacked the brown bananas needed to make it. All of a sudden, she received an outpour of replies from her 7.67 million followers offering up their bananas. Teigen decided to take this opportunity to make a business deal by exchanging the bananas for a signed cookbook, her Becca palette and a pair of her husband John Legend’s underwear. Her inquiry generated 1.3K responses, most of which included pictures of fans with their brown bananas.

A Woman on a Mission

Initially, Teigen found it challenging to find one person who had six brown bananas and realized she might have to send her assistant to multiple locations. That is until Meg Zukin came to her rescue. She only had five, but lived in close proximity to Teigen’s assistant so she decided that it would do.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are a power couple in the Twitter world and are constantly creating banter. Everyone thought she was kidding about giving away Legend’s underwear and questioned whether he even knew that it was part of the deal, but he was totally on board for a slice of banana bread.

The only thing Zukin had to do to finish off the trade was to taste a small piece of the banana in front of her assistant before making the trade. As much as Teigen has a strong relationship with her followers, she’s better safe than poisoned over banana bread.

Funny enough, Teigen still did not have enough bananas and got in contact with Jake Updegraff, a twitter user who offered two brown bananas from the very beginning. Due to the speed and ease on Teigen’s part, she tweeted that this is how she is going to do all of her grocery shopping.

Social Media’s Influence on the Masses

Social media has drastically altered the way in which people make purchases and find information. Most people, celebrities included, turn to social media as a first resort to inquire with others. In addition, everyone feels invested in the lives of the celebrity they are a fan of, especially with a celebrity like Chrissy Teigen, who documents her entire life on social media. This interaction between her and her followers proves how much she cares about her brand and fostering strong, personal relationships with her fans. She even tweeted that after this whole experience, the banana bread belongs to the entire Twitter community and documented the baking process on her Snapchat.

Since a celebrity is essentially marketing themselves, they rely on their fanbase to support them. As someone who has accumulated such a strong following on twitter through her witty tweets and keeping up with the current trends, people who may have never heard of her or her work before this are instantly a fan after seeing her pop up on their timeline. As a result, when her second cookbook that is currently in development comes out, fans will be first in line to purchase it to find her banana bread recipe she so desperately needed brown bananas for.

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