trending-topics-twitterWhen a key phrase or hashtag becomes popular on Twitter, it enters the “Trends” zone. The zone can be found in the box to the left of your feeds or to the right of your profile. The results are based on your location. If you desire to see trends in other cities or countries, all you have to do is click the Change button and select the city you desire.
Many people are on the fence about tweeting about trending topics. However, if you stick to the best practices you will be in the clear and will win over many followers. As well, tweeting about trending topics will help you interact with others in real-time and at the same time get your brand name across.

Tips for Engaging with Trending Topics on Twitter as Part of your Social Media Marketing Initiatives:

1. Research the Topic

You cannot randomly tweet about something that does not relate to the topic. It’s important to note that a trending hashtag or phrase carries a completely different meaning than what it looks like on the surface. To make sure you are using the topic appropriately, click on each topic and see what it’s all about. If you are still unsure, Google it and see what the media has to say about it.

2. Create Relevant Content

Once you have determined the relevancy of the topic, your next step is to create engaging content around it. If you have a company blog and an author, you can post the content there. If you don’t, you can publish it on LinkedIn. The great thing about creating content that revolves around a trending topic is that it ensures your content is current, which increases your chances of reaching your target audience.

3. Tweet

As soon as you have the article ready and posted, it is time to create 2-3 tweets on the subject. It is important not to forget to add a shortened link of where the article was posted as well as a relevant image. Post one tweet in the present time, whilst schedule the rest at different times of the day. Do not forget to craft the message in a way that encourages followers to click on the link.

4. Ask For Retweets

To maximize the full potential, you need to make sure that your content goes viral. The best way to do this is to get as many retweets as possible. Simply include a line in your tweet that asks viewers to retweet if they agree/disagree. Use the abbreviation RT to minimize space.

5. Limit Yourself

Tweet about one trending topic at a time. You may think that killing two birds with one stone in a single content is a good idea, but in actually it’s not. It will make it look like spam and is generally considered as bad practice.

Before you start harnessing the power of Twitter’s trending topics for marketing purposes, you may want to do a bit of research on how Twitter’s algorithm “decides” on which topics should rank among the top trends. If you have any questions or need assistance with your social media marketing efforts, give iRISEmedia a call.

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