How can you tell if your Facebook account has been hacked? Your account was most likely compromised if you all of the sudden see unusual activity on it. Unusual activity can be defined as posts you never made, message you never sent, and the like.  In many cases, you won’t be able to login to your account.

This blog post tells you what to do when your Facebook account is compromised and what you can do to reclaim ownership.

Facebook hacked

Recover Account

The first thing you should do is report the incident to Facebook by clicking this link. You will be taken to a dialog screen that will ask you if you wish to report the hacked account.

When you click on the My Account is Compromised button, you are taken to a screen where you need to enter your Facebook username or the email address you use to login.  You can also enter your name or the name of one of your Facebook friend.

Once the details are entered, Facebook will search for your account and will present you with match account options. Select the account that matches you and enter your current or old password. Even if the hacker changed your password, you can still enter the old password to regain access.

Once Facebook recognizes you and your details, you will be promoted to create a new password. Passwords should be at least 8 characters in length and contain numbers and special characters. Do not use one that you had earlier.

Set up Login Approval

As soon as you turn on Login Approval, Facebook will send a code to your phone when someone tries to access it from an unknown device for the first time. Once you receive the code in the form of a text message, you will be asked to confirm that code on Facebook. You can activate Login Approvals from the Security Tab of Account Settings.

Clean Up Facebook Account

Soon after you regain access to your Facebook account, you’ll need to undergo the changes the hacked may have done to your account. To check for activities, go to your profile timeline and see if anything has been posted.  You may also want to check the messages folder to see if the hacker sent any messages on your behalf.

Remove Unneeded Apps

One of the ways that hackers get a hold of your Facebook account is through third party apps. To remove unauthorized apps, all you have to do is go to account settings and click on apps. Remove access from unauthorized parties requesting to use your Facebook account information.

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