Almost everyone knows that Google AutoComplete is a useful tool for search engine marketing specialists, helping them identify keyword opportunities to target in their campaigns. But were you aware that you can use the tool for content ideation as well? Here’s how you can turn Google AutoComplete into a traffic-generating tool for your blog and/or website.

History of Google AutoComplete

The Google feature was created in 2008 to help the search engine predict what people were searching for before the phrase was fully typed in. In 2010, an additional functionality was added – Google Instant Search. The feature enabled Google to load results before a user typed the full phrase.

How it Works

It’s obvious that Google showcases the most popular search terms first. It’s still uncertain as to how Google comes up with the suggestions. What we do know is that these results are impacted by the terms the specific region and language of the user. That means that someone living in Toronto will see different results than someone living in Vancouver because the users are from two different regions. Other factors that may impact results are personalization, grammar and spellings mistakes and the timing of the search.

Google AutoComplete is especially relevant to those with reputation management problems as it gives you the opportunity to affect Google Suggest results and eventually Google search results as well.

3 Factors That Influence Google AutoComplete

  • Search Volume – The number of times users search particular keywords related to your brand.
  • Web Mentions – The number of times the name of your brand and its attributes are found in content on the web.
  • Social Media Mentions – The number of times your brands and/or it attributes are mentioned on social networks.

How To Use Autocomplete Ideas For Traffic Generation

Jamie Press of Seo MOZ did a Case Study and identified 3 steps to turning autocomplete ideas into traffic & ranking results:

  1. Find the spark of an idea using Google Autocomplete

Google AutoComplete

  1. Check the competition and find an edge

Google AutoComplete

  1. Find the right way to market the content

There are tons of social networks to choose from. Go out there and share on LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. Find sources that will drive traffic to your website. If viewers like what they see, Google will take that into consideration and rank your article/website higher.

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