twitter-shoutboxTraditional marketing mediums including TV , radio and print advertising are being replaced by digital marketing . While both traditional marketing and online advertising strategy work well to draw people’s attention, word of mouth which now includes social media is a huge way to increase brand awareness and grow the audience . When online users find interesting, entertaining or useful information, they  share it on their social media profiles. This is one of the reasons why a company should build a strong online presence through a social media marketing strategy.

Word of mouth marketing helps your overall marketing . It is an inexpensive and profitable way to build an effective online advertising strategy. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family and 70% trust online consumer reviews . Social media is not only for brands to engage and communicate with their customers, but it is also a good way for consumers to learn more about a specific product, service, or company. We trust what other people say about a brand more than when we get the same information from advertising mediums regardless of traditional or digital. People are more likely to become loyal customers if they are influenced by word of mouth.

Why Word Of Mouth Marketing Should Be A Part Of Your Online Advertising Strategy

Social media has changed our life, including word of mouth. Most of the time, word of mouth is about spreading positive buzz about a brand but of course people share negative information as well. Negative information spreads as quickly as positive information, and sometimes even faster. Social media can be a good tool to deal with unsatisfied customers . Social media marketing strategy should involve a strategy to handle negative comments on social media channels. This can help you strengthen your online advertising strategy and build a positive brand image because social media is a place where a company and consumers connect . If you succeed to manage both negative and positive feedback, your brand will get noticed by word of mouth!

Unlike traditional marketing, a well-planned social media marketing strategy will help you reach your target audience and make them spread word of mouth recommendations about the company. This is a very efficient online advertising strategy but it is not easy to manage.

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