In 2004, 10 years ago, Mark Zuckerberg gave birth to Facebook, which was going by the name of Zuckerberg was just a sophomore at Harvard University. The name for Facebook came from the publications that some colleges pass out to students at the beginning of the year to help students get to know each other better.

In the beginning the social networking platform was only created for Harvard students to use. It was way for Mark Zuckerberg and other Harvard students to keep in touch over the Internet and get to know one another. Facebook became so popular, in just a matter of months, that it was soon used in other colleges. By the end of the following year it was also open to high school students. The year after that it was opened to the general populace, as long as the user were 13 and older.

Here’s a cool video which explores the Illustrated History of Facebook. Check it out!

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