A major factor in the success or failure of any web design project is communication. Unfortunately, it is also a factor that is most overlooked by digital agencies and corporations alike. It often takes a backseat to other factors, such as visual attractiveness and search engine optimization. That is even though it carries equal (if not more) weight in search engines’ and social media platforms’ decisions to rank websites on SERPs.

Communication is essential in the web design industry for many reasons. Namely, it ensures a clear and unified message for visitors. It also ensures that the visitors who come to your website have a positive (UX) experience. More importantly, communication is what drives sales and inspires visitors to do business with you. Poor communication = NO LEADS = NO SALES.

Communication can be quite difficult to achieve, especially when a project involves many different people of various backgrounds, experiences, skills etc. The challenges get bigger when the people involved belong to different organizations with different working guidelines.

Here are 7 effective communication practices to follow in web design . Our digital agency in Toronto often uses the guidelines when managing a web development project and ensuring its success.


7 Ways to Optimize Communication in Your Web Design | Digital Agency Toronto Tips

Keep it Simple

Your customers need to process a lot of information, making it hard for them to focus on just what you have to say. Keeping things simple has never been more important. Effective leaders in the web design industry condense complex ideas and make them simpler, memorable terms that others can easily grasp and act upon. If you are having trouble condensing the information down to the essence, it may be that you do not understand how to effectively communicate. So, get clear and look out for technical jargon and business speak, which makes things too complex.

Important Reminder: When developing websites, it is important to remember that each visitor is unique and that it is impossible to categorize everyone in the same group. Websites are designed with their target audience in mind, but even within that group of users, some diversity will be present.

Yoast Readability Analysis - Digital Agency Toronto tips on effective communication in web design

When using a WordPress site, Yoast offers a great way to see if the readability score of your content needs improvement or not (source: Yoast)

Mind the Say-Do Gap

This is all about trust, which is at the core of effective leadership. Your attitude is the best mode of communication, and it must match what you say. If your actions don’t align with what you say, you may find it difficult to get your message across. And it can turn into bigger problems if not corrected quickly and genuinely. Since it’s often difficult to see the say-do gap in yourself, rely on colleagues you trust to help you out.

Rule of thumb: It is better to say nothing or delay all communication until you’re certain that what you’re going to say will ring true.

Find your Own Voice

Use language that’s makes you stand out and recognizable. Let your values come through in your communication. Often, executives will opt for the clean “corporate voice” instead of their own because they think the former is more suitable for their needs. That is not to say that correct grammar and use of language aren’t important — strong leaders know how to string a sentence together. But don’t keep yourself busy with articulacy; concentrate on being distinct and real. People want real. People respect real. People follow real people.

Do NOT Rush Communication

When you are rushing and trying to get through your communication quickly that’s when things often go wrong. Often when we are in a rush, we forget things or misplace things and the same goes for when we’re rushing through our speech. So next time you find yourself communicating with someone else, slow down and pay attention to every word you say. Taking just a little extra time could make a big difference.

Follow up after All Meetings with Meeting Minutes

Too often we assume that whatever we attempted to communicate was received just the way we sent it. Unfortunately, often, that is never the case. If you are communicating with someone (especially if it’s important!), make sure that you follow up with meeting minutes or a follow-up email. No matter how obvious your message might seem, it never hurts to follow up.

Add More Visual Content

We have all heard the saying “A picture or video is worth a thousand words.” Pictures and videos are great resources not only for creating an appealing and interesting design, but also for effective communication. They can often communicate a message quicker, more clearly and more effectively than text. The designer needs to be aware of the messages being communicated via images/videos and ensure that it is in line with other forms of communication.

Take the 3-Metre Test

This little experiment can also be useful in determining the effectiveness of your messaging. It involves getting up from your desk and taking ten steps back from the screen. Ask yourself: Can you tell what your company does from a distance? More importantly, have a friend do the challenge. Can they identify the company’s main points? If not, the messaging needs some improvement.

In conclusion

We cannot stress enough the importance of effective communication in web design project. It should not be ignored. It is a factor that carries equal (if not more) weight in the success of a website. Without it, larger problems would arise: Lost time, bad coding, unprofessional web development, unnecessary delays and the like. Ultimately, your company’s reputation and the client’s trust in you is at risk.

If you have any questions or need more guidance on how to improve communication on your website, contact our digital marketing agency in Toronto today. We offer a free audit of your current web design strategy. We can also help you identify areas in need of improvement before they have a major impact on your sales and reputation.

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