As an online advertising company we are presenting a series of articles on Social Media Marketing in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA. Each article will focus on one Social Media Channel and various tools and techniques which are essential in building a successful virtual presence through Social Media.

There is much expert discussion on the importance of Social Media Marketing. This article will explain how to build your Facebook business profile and provide some tricks to make it more “likeable” by Facebook‘s users.

If you go to the Facebook profiles of major brands, you will see that they all have clever and playful layout which grabs the attention.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Custom Name and Photo

Recent Facebook updates have opened up more space for users’ creativity and profile customization. Your new cover photo which will appear on your Timeline will tell users about your company even more than one might think. It can be a logo or another eye-catching and colorful picture which will draw attention of Facebook‘s users. Make certain to take advantage of these new features on Facebook.

Social media marketing – Facebook: Profile Picture and Thumbnail

Facebook‘s profile picture and thumbnail are the best places for your logo. Your logo appears every time you update your news feed or comment on news on other Social Media Networks. Show your customers and potential clients that you stay up to date with current news and interact with the world while using Social Media Networks.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: About

Don’t forget to add a short but “straight to the point” description about your company, industry and what your core business is about. When Facebook’s users click an “about” button, they will see more detailed information about your company: mission, company’s overview and description. As “basic info” you can add a company’s major historical dates or milestones that have been reached, awards your company have received; products and contact information. Apart from your website, Social Media Networks and channels are another way to tell the world why your business stands apart from the crowd.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Style

What makes one brand differ from another? Consumers tend to associate various colors shades and styles with certain brands. Therefore, it’s important for your brand to raise awareness among your customers through using particular color shades and one style on various Social Media Networks. specializes in Social Media Marketing and services Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding GTA.

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