Social Media Marketing – Facebook: How to Increase “Likes”

We are presenting a series of articles on Social Media Marketing and how to use this powerful tool for your website. Each article will focus on one Social Media Channel and various tools and techniques which are essential in building a successful virtual presence through Social Media.

Social Media Marketing has become an important part of any corporate marketing strategy. In this article we will talk about organic ways to increase “likes” on Facebook, and develop an active and fun interaction with your fans.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: How to Get More “Likes” For Your Fan Page

If you ask a Social Media Marketing specialist about the best ways to get more “Likes” on your Facebook fan page, you will probably hear the same answer: 1) having a “Like” button or a “Fanbox” on your website, blog or other Social Media Channels 2) include a link to your Facebook page in your electronic signature 3) allowing your fans to leave comments with their Facebook accounts on your website or blog.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Using the “@” Symbol

By adding the “@” symbol, you can reach even a wider audience. Every time you respond to a comment or announce a winner of the recent contest, write an “@” symbol before the user’s name and your comment will then appear on his or her page.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: a “Win-Win” Situation

It is important to provide active users who “like” your page with various incentives such as special deals and discounts. Make your communication interactive and fun! Run a contest, quiz, promotion or a giveaway for your fans on Facebook, and reward them.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Apps

Add an “Invite Your Friends” tab, “My TOP Fans” app to announce your superfans, “FAQ” tab, “Forum for Pages” tab to generate discussion, import your content from a blog through “RSS Feed” app or from a YouTube Channel through “YouTube for Pages” app, add your Pinterest, Twitter, Google + accounts to your Facebook page.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Promote

Integrate with other Social Media Channels, promote your page in-store, and ask friends, family and colleagues to “Like” your page!

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