Social Media Marketing – Twitter: How to Increase Followers

We are presenting a series of articles on Social Media Marketing and how to use this powerful tool for your website. Each article will focus on one Social Media Channel and various tools and techniques which are essential in building a successful virtual presence through Social Media.

Social Media Marketing has become an important part of any corporate marketing strategy. In this article we will talk about the most effective strategies for growing a great following on Twitter.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Leverage your Website

Once you set an account on Twitter and create an appealing profile, your next step is to attract and maintain followers. Make sure that you add a widget to your website or a blog as well as add a link to your Twitter account in email signature.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Using the @ Symbol

Twitter is a real-life communication: add @name in your tweet, so you will personalize interaction and show others that you pay attention to their tweets; share the links of the news, articles, videos, blogs and photos with your followers; retweet your followers and experts in your field; add value to information you retweet or ask a question.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Using the # Symbol

Take advantage of the hashtag symbol. It is a powerful tool to organize tweets. By adding #Subject in your tweet, you can make them more searchable. Through keywords, events and trending topics, users can find you if they are interested in the same subject.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Twitter Lists

Create a public list of people you recommend. Through setting Twitter lists, you can follow the most recent trends in your field as well as have a chance to interact with experts and get to know the right people. Your goal is to be listed on other users’ lists.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Incentives

Running a Social Media Marketing Campaign (e.g. special offers, discounts, deals, and contests) is one of the most effective ways to attract new and keep current followers engaged.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Useful Apps enables you to find and follow users who share your interests. Through app you will be able to set your schedule of tweets which you want to repeat over and over again. Organize your followers and tweets through application. Get involved in a conversation which matters to you through

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