Since Instagram Stories made their debut in 2016, they have gained popularity amongst a majority of users. An Instagram Story allows any user to post a picture or video that disappears after 24 hours and can only be viewed if selected. This feature is something that businesses currently operating an Instagram account should utilize. The main challenge for many businesses is figuring out what type of content to display that would interest their target audience. If this is a concern of yours, continue reading. By the end of this article you will see how crucial it is to begin posting to your Instagram Story and we provide some ideas one what type of content people are interested in.

The Benefits of Posting Instagram Stories

When a user opens the Instagram app, the first thing that is displayed is the stories of their followers. Having a recent story posted means that you will be featured at the very top of your followers feed and whether they watch your story or not, you continue to occupy a key space in their mind. In addition, just like Snapchat you can see how many people have viewed the Instagram Story posted, making it a great way to monitor engagement.

Popular Content for Social Media Marketers

A Day in the Life

A company social media account does not need to be all business all of the time. Instead, to keep their audiences engaged, it is recommended that exciting information, either industry related or not, be posted from time to time. Instagram stories can be used to post this fun content as it only lasts 24 hours and therefore does not occupy a permanent spot on your feed. A perfect example is either an office tour or a day in the life of your company. These videos do not have to be thoroughly planned but a quick glimpse into the office setting will definitely appeal to those invested in the brand. Try to get all employees involved as raw posts such as this have proven to be a hit amongst many businesses.

Blog Content

Second, Instagram Stories can serve as a refreshing way to repurpose old blog article content. By posting a series of pictures right after each other, you can create how-to tutorials or just about anything else in an easy to absorb manner. The best articles to turn into Instagram Stories are ones that are easy to breakdown into a couple of posts. You can edit each image on the Instagram app by including texts or illustrations that provide additional information. At the end of each string of posts, it is important to include a call-to-action at the very end that links the user to your website or the full blog article. Being able to see how many views each Instagram Story posted receives means that you will be able to monitor how many slides users are willing to look at before they get bored and move on to other content. This definitely depends on the industry and how heavy the content is, but it is important to monitor because you don’t want users leaving the website before reaching the final call-to-action.

In conclusion, Instagram Stories are a great tool to be integrated into every social media marketing strategy. It is not only a wonderful way to have fun with your marketing and post fun and diverse content, but can also be used to repurpose previous website content. In addition, it is the ideal way to maintain visibility in your followers’ feeds and reach your target audience in a new way.

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