It’s an exciting time in Canada. The leaves are changing colour, our kids are getting back into the school routine, and we are in the midst of municipal elections in Ontario. We, as objective media critics and digital marketing strategists, try to avoid the topic of politics because we don’t necessarily want to throw off our readers whose views may differ from ours. But these elections are different.  Our Digital Marketing Manager, Alex Noudelman, submitted his bid to become a School Board Trustee for the King/Aurora areas.

In addition to his passion for the digital arts and copywriting, Alex is an Ontario Certified Teacher with over 7 years of classroom experience. He’s qualified to teach students from kindergarten to grade 12 and has taught English & History credit courses online. For the past 4 years, he has also supplied with the Associated Hebrew Schools, where he has encouraged students to embrace active learning and healthy living.

As well, Alex Noudelman has extensive experience working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Learning Disabilities (LD). One of his very good friends and former co-worker has a son who is Autistic. This October he will be participating in the Walk/Run for Autism Marathon to raise funds for the Geneva Centre for Autism.  Prior to that, Alex has worked for Recreation Plus, a recreational program that runs lunch-time and after school sports programs all across the GTA.

Alex Noudelman

Alex’s Philosophy of Learning

Every classroom has its own unique structure that varies not only in abilities, but in learning styles as well. The role of the teacher (aka. the facilitator in the classroom) is to give their students the tools with which to cultivate their knowledge. It is our duty as teachers to differentiate the learning and make education more equitable to the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful. As an avid believer of John Dewey and “My Pedagogy Creed”, Alex also hopes to encourage all teachers to tie learning into the world community to help children become caring and active members of the 21st century.

Alex’s Platform

  • To continue to improve student achievement in literacy and numeracy by putting high priority on classroom resource funding;
  • To make our schools safe environments for students, free of violence and bullying;
  • To hold regular local neighborhood meetings with individual residents and businesses on  a monthly basis to gather input;
  • To increase funding for the arts and schools with more than two community classrooms;
  • To advocate for more integration of special education students and English Language Learners into the mainstream classroom;
  • To implement clear strategies for physical health, mental well-being and nutrition;
  • To keep your tax dollars in the classroom; not administration.
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