MUSEUM_WEEK_LOGOTwitter has officially launched its Museum Week social media event on March 23, 2015. 56 Canadian institutions, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, will participate in the virtual event all week long.

The goal of the event is to encourage the public to participate in fun community initiatives and to bring a global dimension to this event. Although not global as of yet, Museum Week is international. 800+ museums, galleries and cultural institution all across the world, 50 countries in total, are participating in it.

The rationale behind it: Museums and galleries have been for quite some time contemplating how to deal with a public that is increasingly attached to their smart phones, social media, digital cameras and online encyclopedia. In partaking in this digital event, they’re utilizing Twitter to drive paying customers to attend their special exhibitions that took months and sometimes years of effort and research to complete.

Museum policies are thereby changing. Instead of berating customers for breaking the rules for sharing copyrighted art work over the internet and social networks, museums and art galleries are embracing the change in a big way by removing their restrictions. They are even providing free wireless access to help their visitors share in the moment.

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