In all seriousness, this video has over 8 million hits since it debuted on Youtube on May 7th.

“Hi, I’m Jen Aniston and I’m here to talk to you about SmartWater,” she says in introducing the nearly three-minute clip. “But in this day and age, apparently, I can’t just do that, can I? …I have to make a video, apparently, that, um, turns into a virus.”

“Viral,” one of three men holding iPads and other tablets, tells her. “We need the video to go viral.”

“Right, sorry, viral. Thank you. This is why I have these three lovely Internet boys here to help me,” Aniston says before consulting her clipboard. “So, apparently… well, animals are huge online. Do we have animals?”

Aniston is then seen kissing puppies and attempting to teach a parrot to say, “I love SmartWater.” (It says, “Rachel, I love your hair,” instead.)

Annoyed by the animals, Aniston and her crew then employ a series of other gimmicks, including a conga line of dirty dancing babies, a giant double rainbow, and even a kick in the crotch for one of Aniston’s fans – but the actress still isn’t satisfied.

The video ends with Aniston asking, “Is it hot in here?” and stunning the Internet guys by tossing her hair in slow motion before sexily sipping SmartWater.

“In closing, I would like to say that SmartWater is the purest-tasting water there is,” she says. “What are we going to call this video?”

“Jen Aniston Sex Tape?” suggests one of the Internet guys.

Aniston’s response? “I love it!”

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