Shift RecyclingDo you have old or unwanted electronics that you want to discard? If you do not need them anymore, why not be environmentally friendly and recycle your electronics? Do you know where you can actually recycle your electronics in Toronto and the GTA? At SHIFT Recycling we pick up old electronics from both large corporations and small businesses or households. We launched our company in 2010, recycling electronics in Toronto and the GTA, because we felt there was a lack of information and knowledge on how you could conveniently recycle electronics. This is our specialty; SHIFT Recycling will facilitate and pick up your end-of-life computers, cell phones and electronics.

SHIFT Recycling offers a free pick-up service depending on your location and the quantity of electronics you want to recycle. In addition, a rebate is offered depending on the quality of the electronics you want to recycle. Have no fear; our company policy is to destroy all of the data in your laptops, PC computers and cell phones. Moreover, SHIFT Recycling will provide you with a Diversion Report, which will outline the environmental influence of the recycling that you have been responsible for.

For individual customers, Shift Recycling has two specific locations for you to choose from to drop off your old electronics. One is on Fenmar Drive in Toronto and the other one is on Britannia Road in Mississauga. Please check their contact information for exact location addresses. You can drop off the electronics you wish to recycle between the hours of 7am-5pm (Monday-Friday) and on Saturdays between 9am-2pm.

Please note that we can also help you organize an “electronics recycling” charity event in your community.

For both businesses and households or individuals, please visit Shift Recycling’s website to learn more about how easy and convenient recycling your electronics can be with SHIFT Recycling. 

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