LinkedIn plans to take an aggressive approach to advertising. Last month, the social media platform announced new ad formats, which includes an innovative way for advertisers to reach LinkedIn users on websites other than LinkedIn.

The ads will first appear on LinkedIn and then through internet cookies the advertising will continue to serve the user as h/she browses through other pages, similar to what you see with Google ReMarketing. Marketers will also be able to target specific groups of people, such as sales executives, CMOs, CFOs etc.

LinkedIn Network Display

If LinkedIn is selling ad space on other websites, does this mean that LinkedIn operates an ad network?
Not exactly! Russ Glass, the head of LinkedIn’s marketing solutions products, views the services as an “audience network”, where advertisers are targeting specific groups of people vs. specific websites.

How similar will this product be to Facebook’s Audience Network?
Facebook does similar things with its Audience network using its vast array of personal user data. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is not using person data. It’s just targeting people based on professional data.

Lead Accelerator Tool

LinkedIn also rolled out a Lead Accelerator Tool. The new tool is an algorithm that determines whether a particular LinkedIn user is in the buying process or not. It will then surface the appropriate ads to that user in hopes that it will push them in the right consumer buyin direction.

The rollout is the result of LinkedIn’s integration with Bizo’s Multi-Channel Nurturing product and will include an auto-fill form to help advertisers increase conversations and analytics tools.

It will be available in most markets globally with options for annual and quarterly subscriptions.

linkedin full-tunnel marketing solutionsThe newly added tools will combine new and existing products to deliver an integrated set of full-funnel marketing solutions that can be viewed above.

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