This is the fourth time the British Royal Family invests in a social media. In 2009 Youtube and Twitter accounts were opened. Later that year a Royal Family employee created a Flickr account.

After creating these Social Media channels, the Royal Family finally joined Facebook giving social media fans the opportunity to see the latest Royal pictures, videos, news and speeches as soon as they are posted. There is even an application to allow social network users to search for Royal events in their area and read up on the Monarch‘s previous engagements.

In Facebook, unfortunately you will not be able to “poke” her Majesty, but you will be able to share your thoughts by writing on the wall.  There simply is a lot of interest in the Queen (as well as pop stars) and the Social Media channels are an excellent way to keep in touch with the Queen’s fans.  The Queen may be Britain’s most famous internet user and she has fully embraced technology. She is said to email her grandchildren.  But Prince Philip is thought to be the real fan of computers and the internet, using them regularly.  The monarch’s page does not allow users to become “friends” or send messages.

The main purpose is to offer updates on royal news and daily events. As of 12:00 pm this past Monday November 9, 2010, local time, only a few hours after the page went live, 60.000 people had “Liked” the British Royal Family page, which basically means that they will be regularly receiving royal updates and news about royal events.

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