Last month we spoke about Marissa Mayer’s plan to hire great talent from within. Now it seems that her strategy is to hire former Googlers to higher-ranking positions at Yahoo! than they could ever expect at Google, which has matured to the point where vertical growth is all the more difficult to obtain.

Marissa Mayer’s recent pick is Andrew Schulte, whose responsibilities skyrocketed from that of a mere product marketing manager for Google’s Google Plus campaign to Chief of Staff at Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer’s recent move is typical of what many new CEO’s praised for their “foresightedness” do when joining a new company: fire the incompetent staff responsible for bringing down the company and hiring people from their former place of employment. In fact, Business Insider reports that practically everyone at Yahoo! expects that within 18 months each one will sooner or later be replaced with yet another disgruntled Googler.

If history teaches us anything, look at what happened to Apple when Steve Jobs came back as iCEO, as the company he was credited with starting lay in shambles. He got rid of most of the staff and board, replacing them with former NeXT employees, the company he owned prior to re-running Apple.

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