marketing to millennialsBrands are competing for Millennial trust. With over 9 million Millennials in Canada born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials are the biggest target group for online marketing. Millennials are a tech-savvy, career-driven, highly connected and engaged generation that grew up with desktop and mobile.

  • Millennials are constantly online. 74% of the Millennials that are between 24 and 34 years old own smartphones and check their devices 43 times daily. 87% use between 2 and three tech devices.
  • Millennials rely on blogs before making a purchase. 33% of Millennials read blogs and consumer reviews before making a purchase. Millennials are also loyal to brands once the relationship is established.
  • Millennials engage with brands on social media channels. 62% of the generation Y is more likely to become loyal to a brand, if it engages on social media networks.
  • 71% of Millennials search on Google to discover the content they’re interested in.

Apple, Nike, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Google, and Converse are among the brands that are successfully connecting with Millennials. How are they able to reach out to them? Social media networks, blogging and mobile marketing are the top marketing channels to attract more Millennial customers. Millennials find most of their content on the web using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Each social media channel is different, which means that brands have to customize and tailor content they share and post on social media. Moreover, Millennials are bombarded with over 5000 marketing messages every day. Therefore, if a brand wants to target a Millennial audience, it needs to deliver tailored content, understand consumers’ needs, offers incentives and loyalty programs. Rewards are the top factor fueling trust among Millennials. In addition, Google and Facebook are the top sources to discover content for Millennials.

As a brand, you need to understand the factors that trigger Millennials to follow you on social media or make a purchase. As a result of the enormous number of marketing messages and information thrown towards the Millennials, their attention span gets shorter. That means that the content must be visual, thought-provoking, funny, engaging and short. More important, content should be easy to find and share.

According to the Accenture Global Market Research, Millennials will have more than 1.4 trillion dollars in spending power by 2020 in the U.S. alone which represents 30% of total retail sales. If your company hasn’t figure out a way to connect with Generation Y, an online marketing plan that includes a mobile and social media marketing campaign is a good way to start.

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