Technology has resurrected the indisputable “King of Pop” Michael Jackson from the dead. It was a spectacular evening at the Billboard Music Awards. The ceremony took place last Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The show was like any other until the MJ hologram appeared out of the blue on stage. MJ’s posthumous album Xscape was released last week and the hologram made its debut at the Billboard awards, a befitting venue for the long awaited album. The audience was shocked and captivated, nonetheless!



The audience jumped to their feet with a standing ovation to one incredible performance. Many artists that were present at the Billboard awards congratulated the choreographers and technicians who brought MJ back to life…even if it was for only a couple of minutes. However, in the social media world some extremist are upset. There have been several negative comments posted on all social media platforms.

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Some fans have said the choreography was not sharp enough. For others, the emotional shock of seeing the Michael Jackson Hologram on stage was too much for them. Most of them are comparing his facial hologram version to the real MJ.

The king of pop was not the first dead artist to perform on stage years after his death. There was Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, but MJ’s hologram performance looked more like the real thing than the others. We all remember the Tupac Shakur hologram at the Coachella festival in 2012, everyone was shocked by the show but loved it none the less.


Even though the Michael Jackson hologram was new, the debate over whether or not deceased celebs should be brought back to life is a point of contention. The Billboard “performance” also resurrected the discussion on whether fans even want to see their favourite deceased artists as a hologram. The idea is good, but producers need to be careful and use this type of shock effect sparingly to ensure a thrilling reaction by viewer’s in the future.

A hologram performance could become a standard in the next few years. It’s as if the producers created this performance as a test. To measure the onlookers’ reaction and evaluate the overall performance and then perhaps create the MJ concert that should have been but never happened. If this were to happen it would be disrespectful to the artist and nothing more than making money off the deceased. Objectively this would be a brilliant marketing ploy to try and recoup the projected billions of dollars lost by his death.

Five years after Michael Jackson’s death, the king of pop is still in the limelight via social media. Since the YouTube video was posted on May 19th, it had garnered more than 2.5 million views in less than 24 hrs. By May 21st this figure has doubled, reaching five million of views. The Michael Jackson hologram was a tremendous success. Like it or not MJ’s hologram is here to stay in the World Wide Web via social media.

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