internet-explorer-microsoftOn January 5, 2015, we wrote a blog article about Microsoft’s plans to unveil a new internet browser on January 21, 2015. At the time it was not clear whether Internet Explorer would be kept or killed off.

Now it is official – Microsoft is scrapping Internet Explorer and replacing it with a new web browser – Project Spartan. The switch will take place later this year. The new browser launch will coincide with the launch of Windows 10.

The loss of Internet Explorer comes as no surprise to Windows users. Over the past decade, it has become less and less popular for a number of reasons, notably due to security flaws and user unfriendliness. The market is currently dominated mostly by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Web developers all across the world were not big fans of Internet Explorer to begin with because the sites they built were simply not compatible with it.

Choosing to support the browser was like a fork in the eye. Web developers spend countless of hours making sure all pages have a clean look, the website is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, and users are engaged with the content being hosted. All that hard work goes down the drain the moment they open up the website in Internet Explorer. The website looks as though someone put the content in a blender and accidentally hit the whisk button.

It seems that Microsoft has finally learned its lesson from the many, many mistakes it has made in the browser world. Internet Explorer 10 and 11 were blazing fast and standard compliant and were a solid choice for any web design and web development crew. It is expected that the Spartan Project will follow suit and provide additional features, such as tabs and plug-ins, to compete with Google and Mozilla.

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